Briefing Paper for Match Managers re Matchplay Handicaps – April 2024

Recommended Procedure

  1. Before the match you could use the:
    1. The simple embedded spreadsheet at the below.
    2. Team Fourball Matchplay Spreadsheet download,
    3. or the embedded Team Fourball Matchplay Spreadsheet
  2. Pars, Course Ratings and slopes can be found here – R and A Course Handicap Calculator
  3. On arrival at the golf course, confirm the COURSE HANDICAP (CH) for each player, based on their individual handicap index and the course and slope rating from the set of tees being used.
  4. The player with the lowest COURSE HANDICAP plays off zero; calculate the differences for the other players
  5. Apply a 90% handicap allowance to calculate each players PLAYING HANDICAP (PH)
  6. Players use the Stroke Indexes from the tee set they are playing. Note: if Tees Sets have different pars, players should play to the par of their Tee set. See note at bottom of page.


Worked Example

Calculate Course Handicap for each player according to the Tee Set that they are playing from

Person 118.716
Person 211.99
Person 34.62
Person 421.819

Find the differences from the lowest Course Handicap

Person 118.71614
Person 211.997
Person 34.620
Person 421.81917

Calculate 90% of the difference

Person 118.7161413
Person 211.9976
Person 34.6200
Person 421.8191715


Different Pars

Yellow Par 4 – Player scores nett 4 recording a par

Red Par 5 – Player scores nett 4 recording a birdie

Player on Red Tee set wins the hole.