RULES (Extract from original Rules)

  1. Designation. The name of the Group shall be “THE SOMERSET GOLF CAPTAINS”  
  1. Membership. 

All Captains, past and present of the Somerset County Golf Union and of all Golf Clubs affiliated thereto are ipso facto entitled to membership for life on payment of the subscription of twenty five pounds to the Hon. Secretary/ Treasurer. New Golf Clubs to the Group are to be asked to confirm that they have the facilities to host matches and meetings of the Group and are prepared to offer the courtesy of their course at those matches and meetings, before their captains are admitted.  

  1. Management. 

a) The affairs of Somerset Golf Captains shall be conducted by a Committee, consisting of a President, Vice President, a Captain, an Honorary Secretary and an Honorary Treasurer. All elected annually. The President is to serve a maximum of three years. Note: Currently, an Executive Committee (chaired by the Vice President and consisting of the Captain, Vice Captain, Secretary and Treasurer) manages the day to day running of the “Group”.  The President is entitled to attend Exec meetings as and when they see fit.  Work is in hand to update and align the Rules of Somerset Golf Captains with the management structure now in place and the outcome will brought to the 2024 AGM for formal adoption by members.

b) The Committee may co-opt such members as are deemed necessary. Those co-opted have voting rights  

c) At any Committee Meeting, 60% shall constitute a quorum.  

d) A General Meeting shall be held annually.  

e) The Committee shall at any time convene a Special General Meeting.

 4. Matches.  

Any member shall have the power to arrange a match between the Group and any recognised Society or Golf Club after obtaining the permission of the Committee through the Hon. Secretary. The results of any matches so arranged with details of individual matches will be sent to the Hon. Secretary 

  1. Competitions. 

Meetings will be held annually at one of which the Competition for any prizes or Trophy will be played.  

  1. Handicaps. 

The Committee cannot allot handicaps. Members, when entering the competitions, must do so at their lowest club handicap. 

 7. Alteration of Rules.  

No proposition, involving any radical alteration in the rules or Constitution of the Group, shall be adopted unless it obtains the concurrence of two thirds of the members present and voting at a General Meeting. No proposition shall be entertained at a General Meeting unless the terms thereof have been intimated in writing to the Hon. Secretary at least 21 days prior to the General meeting and the Hon. Secretary has given 14 days notice to all members.  

  1. Special General Meeting. 

The Hon. Secretary shall, upon the written request of six Members of the Group, call a Special General Meeting of Members, such request stating clearly the object for which they desire the meeting to be called. At such Special General Meeting no other business but that specified in the request shall be discussed.