Committee Minutes 30th October 2018


Somerset Golf Captains Meeting

Admirals Table Bridgwater

30thOctober 2018


Mike Usher Clark- President

Bob Acland- Vice President

David Andow – Treasurer

Andy Carter- Captain 2018

John Beer- Vice Captain 2018

Steven Butterfield – Annual Dinner Chair

Roy Parmiter- Fixture Secretary

Jim Scott – Secretary

  1. Review of previous Minutes :– There were no matters arising from the previous Minutes.
  2. Review of the 2018 Season:- The Committee discussed Selection Policy and how could we improve on 2018.In discussion it was agreed that for the benefit of Members, a statement would be added to our Web Site giving information on our 2019 selection policy. The Committee agreed a target date for Members to be able to put their names forward for selection by logging into our Website.This date is Saturday 2nd February 2019, the day after our Annual Dinner.
  3. Dinner Progress Report:- Steven Butterfield confirmed that the venue will be Taunton Rugby Club and that the menu had been chosen. A poster giving details of this event will be organized and members will receive notification from our website. As per previous years we are sure that Members will enjoy a night amongst friends. A ticket price of £35 has been agreed and subsequent to this Committee meeting we are able to confirm that Billy Foster – European Tour “Caddy to the Stars” will be our after-dinner Speaker.
  4. Fixtures for 2019:- Roy Parmiter presented the fixture list for 2019. In the year 2019 the Calendar will show that we have more away matches this year than 2018. The Committee discussed the possibility of increasing the number of Member’s events. We await confirmation from Burnham Golf Club ref our Annual Fixture. It would appear Burnham Management Committee are in discussion ref our annual challenge match. If as seems likely this is the case, we take this opportunity to thank Burnham for their hospitality over many years.
  5. Web Site Development:- The Committee believes that in 2019 Somerset Golf Captains should have an efficient website.This website will enable the Committee to contact Members and for Members to register interest in playing matches. The Committee recognizes the significant work completed by John Beer and Andy Carter in order to update the website. We wish to record in the minutes our thanks for their important contribution. In 2019 Members will be able to log into the website and sign up for playing in matches, we hope that as many Members as possible will put their names forward. We also agreed the following: “When looking for extra players, it was agreed to give priority to those not originally selected for the fixture; and, within that, to give priority to those who have not previously played for SGC earlier in the year.” . Website development: John Beer proposed that we prepare actively for the possibility that we may not be able to move to electronic communications and selection next year. If we do not receive the level of service we need from WSM Web, we need to actively identify another provider who can provide us with the support we need. The Committee noted these proposals, but decided that no further action was needed at this stage.
  6. Clothing:- The Secretary is in the process of stock checking our Clothing Stock, and producing an order to infill this stock in certain sizes from Glenmuir. This stock will be available during the 2nd week of January 2019. We will advertise this fact and ask Members if they wish to purchase they should contact the Secretary through the website.
  7. Trophy Engraving: A number of trophies from our matches with various Counties need engraving, contact has been made with Trophies of Radstock and these trophies will be updated over the Christmas period.
  8. Date of Next Meeting : Wed 9thJanuary @ Admirals Table – Bridgwater