FAQs – Online registration

(1) Q: I can’t log-in. When I try to log in, I get the error message “ERROR: Incorrect email address or password. 3 attempts remaining.”

A: As it says, the problem could be with either the email address not recognised; or, the password not recognised. Solution: drop an email to admin@somersetgolfcaptains.co.uk and we will check that we have the correct email address, and re-send the “welcome” email so that you can reset your password (or email you back with a temporary password to allow you to get in and change it yourself).

(2) Q: I can’t remember my password. What do I do?

A: Drop an email to admin@somersetgolfcaptains.co.uk and we will either re-send the welcome email so that you can reset your password; or set up temporary password to allow to get in and change it yourself.

(3) Q: How do put my name down for a match? i.e. record my availability and interest?

A: After you log in, click on “Fixtures” and a list will appear below the graphic. Click on a match, or a meeting. Outline details will appear. (First time in,  you will see a message about the Privacy Notice, which you must accept).  After that find  the box which says “REGISTER YOUR INTEREST’. Click on that, and the page will refresh with the message “Registration Interest successful. – You will receive an email if selected”. Check you inbox and you should have an automated email from the website “Team Availability Confirmed – Selection Pending!’. That’s it. Now click on some of the other fixtures and put you name down for other matches or meetings if you want to.

(4) Q: I followed all this instructions and it’s still not working!

A: Did you tick the Privacy Notice? When you try to register for your very first event, you will see a box which says “Please refer to Privacy Statement at Privacy Notice”. You must tick this box before you can make any bookings. You only need to tick it once; it won’t appear again when you book for other events. Still not working? –  email admin@somersetgolfcaptains.co.uk

(5) Q: What happens next?

A:  Registration for all inter-county matches during the year will close on 31stMarch 2022. The selection Committee consisting of  Vice-President, Secretary,  Captain and Captain-Elect will meet on the 5th of April and select teams for the rest of the year. Registration for the Spring Meeting, Captains’ Invitation and Autumn Meeting  will stay open until the date of the event itself (unless oversubscribed).

(6) Q: How will I find out if I have been selected or not?

A: When the teams are selected, you will receive one of two emails:

  • EITHER: An automated email to confirm that you have been selected and further instructions about how to contact the match manager and confirm your availability for the match
  • OR: An automated email to explain that, although you may not have been selected, we would like to keep your details on our ‘reserve list’ for that match. If we have to use the reserve list, priority will be given to those who were available but not originally selected for the fixture; and, within that, priority will also be given to those who have not previously played for SGC earlier in the year.
  • At the same time, the teams selected will be available on the website with the contact details for the match manager, so that you can arrange to share transport and confirm with the match manager that you are still available.
  • You can also log-in to the website and click “My Matches

(7) Q: When will the selection Committee pick the teams?

A: The selection Committee will then convene on 5th  April and the teams for the rest of the year will be confirmed by mid April.

(8) Q: I registered for an event, but now can’t make it! How do I cancel my availability?

A: PRIOR TO TEAM SELECTION: Log into the website. Click on “My Account”. Then click on “CLICK HERE TO SEE YOUR MATCHES”. Find the match you want to delete and click on “Cancel”.

(NB AFTER THE TEAMS HAVE BEEN SELECTED: if you want to pull out, you will need to contact the match manager directly so that he can fill your place in the team).

(9) Q:Is there an area where I can check what is registered on the system for me?:

A: The answer is yes! You need to log in to the website, then choose “My Account” from the list of menu items.T he next page will start something like this “Hello Fred Bloggs (not Fred Bloggs? Log out)” but 2 or 3 lines below that it says “CLICK HERE TO SEE YOUR MATCHES”. When you click on that, the matches you have registered for will be listed, and look like this:

Wiltshire (Away) 20/07/22 1 Pending Cancel
Devon (Home) 26/08/22 1 Pending Cancel
Autumn Meeting 22/09/22 1 Pending Cancel