Have we got your correct email address?

As you know, the plan for next year is to move away from letters, forms and paper correspondence; and move over to electronic communications (including an automated registration and selection procedure).

This means from next year, you will be able to go on-line and register your interest in a match or event, and the website will respond automatically.

The smooth operation of these new systems relies on the fact that we have your correct and up-to-date email address.

And so, all members are encouraged to log into the website over the next few weeks and check that their personal details are up to date. To do this:

Log In > Select “My Account” > Select “Account details” , and check that we have the correct email address. “Company” should be your home golf club e.g. Oake Manor. Thank you.

Alternatively, email your details to “admin@somersetgolfcaptains.co.uk” and we will update them for you.

Finally, our advice would be to add both “admin@somersetgolfcaptains.co.uk” and “secretary@somersetgolfcaptains.co.uk” to your list of contacts, so that incoming emails are accepted (and not treated as possible spam). Thank you.

If you have any trouble logging in; any comments; or questions about next year, please email them to admin@somersetgolfcaptains.co.uk. Many thanks.

Somerset Golf Captains Committee