Minutes of SGC Executive Committee (Zoom) Meeting 19th July 2020

Somerset Golf Captains Executive Committee (Zoom) Meeting

Sunday, the 19th of July 2020; 7.30pm

 Present Bob Acland (Vice President & Chair), John Beer, Stephen Butterfield, David Andow, Rob Ford, Roy Parmiter, David Bate

1 There were no apologies

2. The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as a true and accurate record

3. Matters arising

re-item 4(a): John Beer reported that three new captains had taken out life membership: Justin Lane (B&B), Geoff Spinks (Wells), Chris Reed (Wheathill)

re-item 4(b): it was noted that both the Wells Captains and Somerset Ladies Past Captains matches have now both been cancelled

re-item 4(d): John Beer confirmed that the order had been placed with Glenmuir, at value of £977.25 with a shipping date of the 27th of July. We have also received the ties from William Turner and an invoice with a balance to be paid of £315.50

re-item 4(e):  David Andow confirmed that he had paid a deposit to the Rugby Club for next year’s dinner on the 5th of February

4. Update on SGC vs Dorset Fixture (4th August 2020) (RP)

Roy Parmiter reported that Dave Bickley (Dorset Fixture Secretary, and current Captain at Weymouth) has informed us that Weymouth Golf Club is no longer open to visitors, societies or fixtures. The Dorset fixture on the 4th of August is therefore cancelled. Dave has indicated that he would be willing to rearrange the fixture in September, if possible, and Stephen Butterfield indicated that we would be happy to complete the fixture (if possible)

Action: John Beer to notify the team and alert them to the possibility of a rearrangement in September

5. Captains’ Day – 14th August 2020 at Long Sutton

(a) Confidential item: Costings and negotiations “The Captains Invitation day”

Action: Agreed to authorise our representative to negotiate on the basis of food cost plus. The total to be within the parameters set by the committee.

(b) Confirmation of format

 Stephen Butterfield confirmed that the event would be a bowmaker in teams of four with three scores to count. Stephen would organise the longest drive and nearest the pin competitions. The prizes (golf balls) would be bought from the golf shop (except for the prizes for longest drive nearest the pin). Stephen asked who was going to buy the balls and it was agreed that the secretary would do this, with the card provided by the treasurer

Action David Andow to provide a debit card and a blank cheque to Bob Acland to bring to the event. John Beer to use the card to pay for the food and the prizes; and the cheque to be presented to the Long Sutton Captain. SGC Debit card to be passed on to Stephen Butterfield after the event

We need to agree final numbers at least one week before the event.

(c.) See local health and safety procedures at Long Sutton Golf Club

Action: Rob Ford to provide John Beer with Long Sutton Golf Club requirements, so they can be emailed out to participants

Rob Ford to be “Starter” on the day to remind people of the requirements. Rob stated “if anything goes wrong it comes back to us and not to the club” !!! The food will be a running buffet which should stop people hanging around for too long afterwards, and it was agreed that we would abandon the formal presentation on the day. The results will be published on the website and prizes distributed after the event. John Beer asked how Long Sutton intended to accommodate 48 diners when national guidelines indicated that indoor diners could only sit in groups of two households, but the committee did not think that this was a problem. Bob Acland stated that this did not apply at Mendip Spring; and Roy Parmiter and Rob Ford stated that it did not apply at Long Sutton. Their understanding was that you can have four people sitting at the same table provided they are socially distanced. The club expects players to arrive 15 minutes before their tee time, but anyone arriving earlier will be able to purchase coffee and bacon rolls for the restaurant, are use the driving range which is open.

(d)SGC Risk Assessment

 The group were happy with the draft risk assessment which has been prepared prior to the meeting by John Beer, and this was agreed subject to one amendment suggested by David Bate

Action: Add to risk assessment a statement to the effect that “Anybody who has any COVID symptoms should not attend”

 Action: It was later also agreed to delete the references to providing contactless card reader

(e) Admin arrangements for the day

Bob Acland confirmed that he would be manning the registration desk, and Rob Ford confirmed that he would be the starter. The registration desk would be located outside near the first tee. There was further discussion (but no decision) about the possibility of inviting the owner “Stuart” to play with Stephen Butterfield.

Action: John Beer to draw up the start sheet on the following basis (a) accommodating specific requests from Captains to play together, or with friends from the same club, and then,(b) distributing other captains between the teams

We then discussed payments and it was agreed that we should encourage/request that as many people as possible pay prior to the event by BACS transfer and to advise them that they should include their surname and their teetime in the reference box . David Andow felt confident that he would be able to track which people had paid, in the same way as we do for the Annual Dinner and he would notify John Beer on the evening before the event with a list of those people who are paid. If captains arrive on the day and say they’ve paid by BACS and we may have to wait for a few days for these payments to come through. We also agreed that some captains would inevitably arrive on the day and want to pay in cash and then we would have to accept cash payments in accordance with the mitigation described in the written risk assessment

6. Any other business

Action: John was asked to add to the joining instructions the following pieces of information;

  • toilets will be open
  • changing rooms will be open
  • the showers will be shut
  • no need to change after golf and people should be prepared to eat in their golf gear


Meeting closed at 8.35 pm