Minutes of the SGC Executive Meeting – 26th April 2021 (Draft)

Somerset Golf Captains Executive Committee (Zoom)

Minutes of the meeting held on Monday, the 26th of April 2021 at 7.00pm
Present Roy Parmiter (Vice President & Chair), Bob Acland (President)  , John Beer, Stephen Butterfield, David Andow, Rob Ford, , David Bate, Iain Robertson

  1. There were no apologies
  2. The minutes of the last meeting held on 3rd February 2021 were accepted as a true and accurate record
  3. There were no Matters arising
  4. Report from Presidents Committee (12th April 2021)– Bob Acland

Bob Acland reported back from the President’s Committee meeting held on the 12th of April and summarised the recommendations to the Executive Committee with regard to how to proceed following recent communications; and also on the future of Somerset Golf Captains. The Presidents Committee will discuss this again in due course and will report back to the Executive later in the summer.

ACTION: the Executive Committee accepted the recommendations from the Presidents Committee and agreed to proceed as follows

a) Secretary to respond to correspondence by letter, as suggested in notes from President’s Committee

b) Secretary to write to other local secretaries to confirm arrangements in other counties

c) The committee were asked to have informal discussions with members when the opportunities

d) Analysis to be prepared of captains participating in matches in recent years and which clubs have acted as host venues over the last five years

5. Reports from Sub Groups

(a) Finance Group (David Andow)

 The committee discussed arrangements for the collection of match fees in 2021. The committee recognised that people may not be using cash in the same way as previously, and everything now seems to be done by credit or debit card.


(i) The committee agreed to trial payments by BACS for the first four fixtures of the season

(ii) The secretary was asked to put a notice on the website to this effect. Reference format to be County-Initials; eg SurreyJB

(iii) The fixtures involved for the trial will be

Gloucestershire (Away) Bob Acland £35;

Surrey (Home) David Bate £35;

Hereford/Worcestershire/Warwickshire Tour (Away) Rob Ford £155;

Four counties (Away) Roy Parmiter £45 or £50.

(b) Admin support group (John Beer)

(i) The committee approved the draft of the 2021 AGM and the minutes can now be posted on the website

(ii) The committee discussed the publication of the “2017 Rules” and whether they should go on the website. ACTION: Secretary to revamp these rules and bring back to the next meeting

(iii) “Briefing paper for match managers re matchplay handicaps” was accepted and will be added to the website for match managers.

(iv) Secretary showed the committee a specimen of a possible ladies scarf which would be available for people to inspect at the spring.

(v) Fixtures Update: Iain Robertson had forwarded an email from Gloucestershire to Bob Acland and there is nothing further to report at this stage

(c) Dinner Planning Rob Ford

 The committee considered the quotes which had been received from the Weston-Super-Mare Winter Gardens and compared how these compared with previous venues.

ACTION: After some discussion it was agreed that

(i) Dinner Committee to go back and talk to the Winter Gardens in person with a view to further negotiation.

(ii) At the same time, we need to actively consider other venues

(iii) Dinner committee to report back at the next meeting

  1. Spring Meeting 2021

The Committee accepted the risk assessment which had been prepared by the Secretary, including the items in yellow which are required by the Weston-Super-Mare Golf Club, Committee confirmed that the Griffiths Trophy will be presented at the end of the year to the person with the highest combined score from the Spring and Autumn meetings. At a previous meeting the executive had agreed that members could not play with the same partner at both meetings. Agreed that the competition format would be a four ball better ball pairs played off the EGU mandatory handicap allowance of 85% for fourball stableford competitions. Agreed that the fee for the day would be £35 (i.e. normal match fee) to include a donation to the club, catering and prizes. Secretary has two crystal tankards for the winners. Other prizes would normally be balls purchased from the pro shop (with a single ball being presented to each captain in the lowest scoring pair). Current numbers are 52 i.e. 13 four balls.We are not expecting people to change and shower afterwards and members will be encouraged to eat in their golf gear and disperse immediately afterwards.


(i) Secretary to issue start sheet and other information

(ii) Cards to be deposited in a box and results announced after the event

(iii) Agreed to allocate tasks as follows:

Reception desk: John Beer and Bob Acland

Starter & Photography:  Stephen Butterfield and Rob Ford

Supervising dining arrangements:

First hour David Andow and Mike Usher-Clark.

Second hour; Roy Parmiter and David Bate.

  1. There was no other urgent business.

Meeting closed 8.30 pm