Notes on Committee Meeting 11th November 2019

SG Captains Committee Meeting 11TH November 2019 @ 7.00pm

Admirals Table Bridgwater.

Attending = Mike Usher-Clark ( President ), Bob Acland ( Vice President), David Andow (Treasurer}, John Beer ( Captain ), Stephen Butterfield, Rob Ford, Jim Scott ( Secretary)

1 – Review of the  2019 playing Season

John Beer Captain 2019 updated the Committee on the above. All in all, a successful year both on and off the Golf Course. The Selection policy was welcomed by those Members wishing to take part in Matches both Home & Away. The Spring & Autumn Meetings were well attended and enjoyed by all who attended. John Beer informed the Committee that the result of 2019 Matches and other Internal Events would be placed on the Website

2 – Finances & Budget for 2019

David Andow presented a Financial Report. The finances of Somerset Golf Captains are in good order.

3-  Clothing Prices and future strategy

A discussion took place on the above. For many years our official Clothing Supplier has been Glenmuir. Views were expressed about Current Prices of Clothing. The Committee considered this view, but quality and Colour of Glenmuir are important matters, a decision was taken to remain with our current supplier.

4 – 2020 Annual Dinner

Steve Butterfield updated the Committee on the Annual Dinner to take place at Taunton Rugby Club, there has been a slight increase in the cost of food. Other venues were discussed but we believe the above venue is good value for money and is well attended. Information on this event can be found on the Website

5 – Operating Organization / Co-Options

To be discussed at a further meeting to be arranged.

6 – Volunteer Helpers.

To be discussed at a further meeting to be arranged.

7. – Date of next meeting to be confirmed.