Worlebury Golf Club ; COVID Restrictions

Worlebury Golf Club ; COVID Restrictions


  • All ball washers are sealed and out of play
  • All rakes are removed and out of play
  • All pins must remain in the hole and not be touched
  • Holes are upturned to reduce depth
  • On course toilets (10thtee) are open with sanitiser and soap available if used

Practice Areas

  • Flags are removed from putting and chipping greens – holes upturned
  • Nets are in play and are distanced to a satisfactory level
  • Practice area (140 yards) is in play and the 3 tee mats are satisfactorily spaced


  • Customers must wear facemasks to enter the shop
  • Staff will serve from behind a protective counter

Clubhouse, Changing Rooms and Toilets

  • Changing and shower facilities will remain closed
  • Toilets are open and no code is required – sanitiser is in place where necessary
  • Entrance to the Clubhouse is via the rear patio doors (marked) and exit is through the second patio door (marked) – sanitiser in place at both entry and exit points.
  • Tables will be spaced out to meet enhanced Social Distancing preferences (in 2’s – capacity of 44 -46)
  • The carpet is marked to enforce Social Distancing when queuing for the Bar
  • Registration desk can be either internal or external (weather dependant)