Committee Minutes 25th July 2018

Minutes of the Somerset Golf Captains Committee Meeting

Wed 25th July 2018 @ 19.00hrs

Admirals Table – Bridgwater


In Attendance

President Mike Usher Clark

Vice President Bob Ackland

Treasurer David Andow

Captain Andy Carter

Vice Captain John Beer

Fixtures Sec Roy Parmiter

Annual Dinner Stephen Butterfield

Secretary Jim Scott

1       Officers Reports


  • The President opened the meeting by welcoming all attendees.
  • As we have had a number of changes to the Committee, MUC suggested that we should operate in a professional way and that the Minutes should be recorded as Bulleted Points for action.
  • The President thanked all Committee Members for their help and support, special mention to Roy Parmitter and his work as Fixture Secretary.
  • The President also thanked Andy Carter & John Beer for their work on the Web Site and reporting of matches.
  • At the end of the playing season a comprehensive review of the operation of the Web Site will take place.
  • A Sub Committee consisting of Mike Usher Clark. Andy Carter, John Beer, Jim Scott will carry out this review.
  • The Management Committee believe that the way forward for the Somerset Golf Captains should be our Web Site. It is important that we are able to contact our Members, keeping them informed of Match Selection and other matters of interest.
  • In advance of the next AGM we should publish the Minutes of 2017/18 AGM on the Web Site.


  • Andy Carter reported that Matches are going well and the decision to use Match Managers is reaping benefits.
  • John Beer has performed an analysis of players who have been selected for matches.
  • This analysis shows the collective total of those who have played, this will also include those players not originally selected but were included in the Team at short notice to cover withdrawals.
  • It is the objective of the Committee, to improve the selection process by a more efficient Web Site that will enable Members to register at an early date their wish to take part in the matches.
  • GDPR Compliance is now complete – The Committee thanked Andy for this work.

Fixtures Sec

  • Roy Parmitter requested a date for the Presidents Cup ASAP.
  • Arrangements for the 2019 season are progressing well and this Fixture list will appear on the Web Site in the near future.
  • Members should note that in 2019 there will be more away fixtures than home fixtures.


David Andow gave a brief overview of Finance and our Bank Account.

  • A discussion on Bank Cards and Match Managers duties took place.
  • David agreed to publish and circulate The Duties of the officers of the Association to bring all involved up to date.
  • DA requested that we produce a list of Current Year Captains and Vice Captains of all Clubs in Somerset.
  • The Secretary undertook to produce this list.


  • Jim Scott confirmed all Clothing and Trophies have now been transferred to him.
  • Clothing sales progressing and there will be a need to order a range of clothing in the Close Season.
  • JS to provide the Treasurer with a stock list and costs.
  • JS confirmed that our Tie suppliers also supply Bow Ties.
  • After the playing season a number of Trophies in need of engraving. JS is in discussion with Trophies of Radstock on this matter, this company offer a full range of engraving on metal and glass.

Dinner Chair

  • Taunton Rugby Club 1st February 2019.
  • Dinner speaker to be determined.
  • Menu to be determined.
  • I am intending to visit the similar process to previous year for club representatives to action.
  • Intend to keep ticket price to £30. (Based on 140-150 people)
  • To meet with venue organizer (Patrick), w/c 1st October 2018 for discussion regarding menu choice, table plan etc.
  • Entertainments talent showcase at Exeter (Ladram Bay Holiday Park) 20th November to see if anything suitable for future events.


  • AOB

Bob Ackland raised the question of the Trophy for the Autumn Meeting. The last time this Trophy was engraved with “Warcup & Campbell” was 2012 !

The original trophy (Mug) has no more room for winner’s names, we need to purchase a suitable base for this Trophy to extend its life – for your information the Trophy was first presented in 1966.

There is also a separate Trophy for the Captain who has the most points in the Spring and Autumn Meeting combined.

With the new criteria of being able to select your partners for the Spring & Autumn meeting, the Committee decided that the Trophy be awarded to the pair if they play together in both meetings.

  • Date of next meeting and venue to be confirmed.