Committee Minutes 9th January 2019

Minutes of the Somerset Golf Captains Committee Meeting

Admirals Table Bridgwater – 9THJanuary 2019



Mike Usher Clark- President

Bob Acland- Vice President

David Andow – Treasurer

Andy Carter- Captain 2018

John Beer- Vice Captain 2018

Steven Butterfield – Annual Dinner Chair

Roy Parmiter- Fixture Secretary

Jim Scott – Secretary


  • Minutes of last meeting.

There were no matters arising from the previous Minutes.


  • Annual Dinner 2019 Update

Steve Butterfield updated the Committee on the progress of the Dinner Arrangements.

We have now closed ticket sales and report that a record 175 tickets have been sold.

Arrangements have been made to Print Menu Cards and place cards for the table.

All visiting representatives have been contacted and Pre Dinner Golf is arranged at Taunton & Pickeridge.


  • Notification and Selection for 2019 Matches

Significant efforts by John Beer and Andy Carter in developing the Web Site has enabled Somerset Golf Captains to be in a position to offer online booking for the 2019 matches.

From 2ndFebruary 2019 Members will be able to enter online through the Website and receive confirmation that their request has been registered


  • Burnham Match / Alternative fixture


Following the decision by Burnham to charge a Green Fee for our Annual Match, Somerset Golf Captains was against the spirit

of Matches played in previous years. We have taken this decision reluctantly and thank Burnham & Berrow Golf Club hosting this match for many years.

The Fixtures Secretary and Captain will take this opportunity to consider if in future years we can develop events that will include more of our Members.


  • Committee Co-options 2019 -20


The President requested that Committee Members consider suitable Candidates for 2019/2020 and circulate these to the Committee.


  • Arrangements for Spring Meeting

The Spring Meeting will be held at Oake Manor on Wednesday 17thApril 2019

Members will be asked to enter in pairs in advance of the date these Members will be entered onto the entry sheet and a tee time will be issued.

We will also accept entries on the day and will allocate tee times that are available.

The Competition will be 4BBB with an entry fee of £40.00 per pair


  • AOB – Standing Orders

John Beer produced the above to assist in the operation of Somerset Golf Captains


Somerset Golf Captains

Standing Order No 1 – Committee Officers


  1. l) The affairs of Somerset Golf Captains shall be conducted by a committee, consisting of
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Captain
  • Captain Elect
  • Honorary Fixture Secretary
  • Honorary Secretary
  • Honorary Treasurer
  • Co-opted Members

Officers are elected annually, the president to serve a maximum of three years.

2) The committee may co-opt such members as are deemed necessary. Those co-opted have voting rights

3) At any committee meeting, 60% shall constitute a quorum.

4) A General Meeting shall be held annually.

5) The committee shall at any time convene a Special General Meeting.




Somerset Golf Captains

Standing Order No 2 – Match Manager Duties


Team Selection

  1. All teams will be published on the website as selected by a panel before the start of the season.
  2. All players will receive an email confirming their selection and will be given details name/email/tel. no. of the match manager. These emails will be copied to the match manager.
  3. Players will be asked to notify the match manager immediately of their availability or otherwise.
  4. The match manager will be given the list of players of those who have volunteered to be available at late notice. (There are over 50 now on this list)
  5. The match manager is responsible to get required number of players for the day and construct the pairings. A Somerset Golf Captains template sheet for pairings is available
  6. The match manager will confirm final team to website administrator about one week before the match. This is then published as a news item, to enable team members to travel together etc
  7. The match manager will be advised by Fixtures Secretary of the visiting team organiser details, for liaison purposes.

Photography and Match Report

  1. The Somerset Golf Captains camera is carried by the Captain of Captains. The match manager should either take photos themselves of the matches on the tee or ask one of the last Somerset Golf Captains pair to take photos.
  2. Photos in the dining room and the trophy presentation should be taken by the match manager or his nominee
  3. The match manager should return the camera to the Captain of Captains and remove the memory card and send it together with the match report and team pairings sheet, in the sae which will be provided. These generate the website report.
  4. A pro-forma for the match report will be provided to the match manager. Each four ball should record their score and be asked to make some meaningful and descriptive comments on their match. 

Catering and Match Fees

  1. When a home fixture is booked by the Hon Fixtures Secretary, as standard a sandwich lunch and a two-course dinner with coffee is ordered. Costs vary between clubs.
  2. Matches in Somerset are played at our courses as courtesy and no green fee is paid.
  3. The match manager is responsible at both HOME and AWAY matches to collect £30 from each player.
  4. HOME fixtures: Somerset Golf Captains pay for allcatering and wine – normally 1 bottle per 4 ball game.
  5. A ‘Somerset Golf Captains’ debit card is carried by the Captain and used to pay for home fixture costs
  6. Match costs for Worcestershire, Gwent, South Wales Coast, Wells Captains, Burnham Captains and Somerset Ladies captains are shared, on the day. The match manager to pay our 50% share
  7. A note of fixture cost paid, should be emailed to the Hon Treasurer, as soon as possible after the fixture. Please retain the receipt until it can be passed to the Hon Treasurer.
  8. Match fees collected, should be paid into the Somerset Golf Captains Bank account, at any Lloyds Bank branch, as soon as possible please.


Somerset Golf Captains Bank details areSort Code 30-91-84 – Account Number 00684170


Somerset Golf Captains

Standing Order No 3 – Officers’ Duties


All officers of the Somerset Golf Captains will be or have been captain of a golf club affiliated to the Somerset Golf Union.



Job Purpose:

  • To provide continuity of leadership to the Somerset Golf Captains
  • To be the figurehead of Somerset Golf Captains


  • The president will, in normal circumstances, have served at least one year as president-elect; and have been drawn from members who have served as Captain of Captains
  • The president-elect should be nominated by the incumbent president and have the broad support of the managing committee of Somerset Golf Captains

Key Duties:

  • Represent the Somerset Golf Captains in the best possible light to the membership and outside bodies
  • Chair meetings of the committee and sub-committees, Annual General Meeting, Special General Meeting
  • Ensure decisions are carried out
  • Ensure an annual dinner is organised and appoint a dinner chairman
  • Liaise with officers on responses to letters and emails received by the Hon Secretary, Hon Treasurer and Hon Fixtures Secretary
  • Provide support, advice and encouragement to other officers
  • To represent Somerset Golf Captains at official functions when invited
  • To give the president’s report at the Annual General Meeting.
  • To maintain an overview of the Somerset Golf Captains and take appropriate measures to ensure its operational effectiveness as appropriate.
  • Ex Officio of all committees and sub committees


President Elect

Job Purpose:

  • To deputise for the President


  • The President elect will have been a past Captain of Captains

Key Duties:

  • To support the president.
  • Attend committee meetings.
  • Deputise in the absence of the president.
  • Keep under consideration the workings of Somerset Golf Captains and bring forward suggestions to improve effectiveness as appropriate.
  • To be the prime interface to recruit new Somerset Golf Captains members.
  • Contact each golf club in Somerset to welcome their new captains and provide information regarding Somerset Golf Captains; send out invoice and tie (according to the traditions of the club).



Job Purpose:

  • To lead the Somerset Golf Captains
  • To be the face of the Somerset Golf Captains at all matches and events

Key duties:

  • Principal PR person for the Somerset Golf Captains
  • Lead the teams at competitive and friendly matches
  • To host all visiting counties in matches and be the host of the annual dinner.
  • Custodian of the “Somerset Golf Captains” flag, which should be raised at all home matches
  • By invitation, to represent Somerset Golf Captains at external dinners and events
  • Custodian of the “Somerset Golf Captains” camera and keeper of a “Somerset Golf Captains” debit card
  • Give a report to the Annual General Meeting, and deliver the principal speech to the annual dinner.


Captain Elect

Job Purpose:

  • Deputise for the captain as required

Key Duties:

  • Participate fully in the affairs of the Somerset Golf Captains at committee meetings
  • Be available to assist sub-committees
  • Carry out such duties as the captain, president or committee may from time to time request


Honorary Fixtures Secretary

Job Purpose

  • Arrange matches with other counties on a home and away basis.


  • With experience of the Somerset Golf Captains fixture list

Key Duties:

  • Organise Somerset home matches and arrangements for the day: light lunch, 18 holes of golf with 2 course dinner to complete the day.
  • Communicate with captain, match manager, visiting team officials and host club managers to ensure the smooth organisation of each event.


Honorary Secretary


  • Should have appropriate administration experience

Job Purpose:

  • To manage information and communicate effectively both internally and externally

Key Duties:

  • Attend and record and maintain minutes of all committee meetings
  • Reply to all communications to Somerset Golf Captains.
  • Notify all members of spring and autumn meetings, and the Annual General Meeting.
  • Inform the captain of all invitations to any event where the captain is a guest.
  • Be responsible for sales of “Somerset Golf Captains” sweaters, shirts, hats and windproof jackets, ties and bow ties.
  • Obtain information for the president of newcomers present at Dinner
  • Give report at Annual General Meeting.
  • Keeper of trophies and resulting required engraving




Web Site Administrator   

  • The website should be updated when necessary with news, team selections, results, match reports and photographs.
  • Liaise with the captain and selection committee on team selection
  • Arrange and inform members of the initial selection for matches.
  • Maintain and keep full details of all members.


Honorary Treasurer


  • Experience in accounting systems

Job purpose:

  • Oversee finances and ensure the financial security and probity of the Somerset Golf Captains affairs

Key Duties:

  • Record expenditures
  • Report state of accounts to committee.
  • Prepare accounts for Annual General Meeting.
  • Pay invoices for which Somerset Golf Captains are liable.
  • Assist match managers by collecting match fee when attending a match
  • Collect income from clothes sales and new members.
  • Reconcile and report annual dinner finances


Dinner Chair

Job Purpose

  • To plan the annual dinner
  • Manage and lead a dinner committee to assist in the arrangements

Key Duties

  • Arrange venue, costs, menu, table layout, Speaker and Master of Ceremonies.
  • Ensure invites sent to normal reciprocal guests
  • Arrange timings for the event
  • Keep the committee up to date with anticipated attendance numbers, etc.
  • Collect money for event from attending members
  • Pay all monies to the honorary treasurer and maintain accounts for same


All committee members should be prepared to act as match managers, as and when required.


8) Date of next meeting- Tuesday 12thMarch @ 19.30


12thMarch 2019 @ Admirals Table 7.30 pm

(Approved by the Committee at their meeting of 12 March 2019)