Minutes of SGC Executive Committee (Zoom) Meeting 22nd June 2020

Somerset Golf Captains Executive Committee (Zoom)

Monday, the 22nd of June 2020, 7pm

Present: Bob Acland (Vice President & Chair), John Beer, Stephen Butterfield, David Andow, Rob Ford, Roy Parmiter, David Bate

The Vice-President Bob Acland welcomed David Bate to the committee.

  1. There were no other apologies. The President had indicated that he would not be attending ex officio
  2. The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as a true and accurate record
  3. Matters arising

re item 3(b)  Bob had spoken to Jim who does not have any more notes

Action: it was agreed that Bob Acland and John Beer would write some notes to confirm that the matters raised at the AGM had been dealt with by the committee e.g. Can we have a refund for the dinner? Do we want to have an annual subscription? Can the committee please consider the position of working captains?

  1. Reports from subgroups

(a) Finance

David Andow confirmed that we were holding £4713.21 in the current account and an additional £137.51 in a separate account. Rob Ford confirmed the second account had been opened to generate interest from surplus cash, which is no longer required.

Action: It was agreed that David Andow could now close this account.

There was one outstanding bill for a tie order. Very little income received from new captains although all the clubs had been contacted earlier in the year. We have only received membership from three new captains to date (T&P, WSM and The Mendip) We understood that some captains will be carried forward to next year.

Action: It was agreed that DA and JB would confirm the list of new captains and which one had joined: and then each member of the committee would be asked to make personal contact with three or four club captains inviting them to take up membership

(b) Fixtures

The Captains Invitation Day is due to take place on the 24th of July. Roy Parmiter confirmed that, if everything is open, we can still go ahead with 60 people present. Roy did point out that tee bookings at Long Sutton are jammed solid. Rob Ford agreed to talk to Stuart again. If hospitality does open after the 4th of July, we may go ahead on the basis of a barbecue rather than a sit-down meal. And if the changing rooms and toilets are not open, we may have to socialise afterwards in golf gear. The committee also agreed that Rob could agree an alternative date if this meant more facilities would be available.

Action: Rob Ford to have further negotiations with long Sutton Golf Club.

Dorset are keen to go ahead with their fixture on the 4th of August at Weymouth. The matches against Wells Captains and the Somerset Ladies Past Captains Association have not yet been cancelled, and could be played if both parties are willing.

Action: Roy Parmiter to contact Linda fixture secretary at SLPCA

The Presidents’ Day and the Autumn Meeting, both due to be held at Worlebury, have not yet been cancelled. The committee understood that the President intends to go ahead with both these events. Fixtures for next year are coming along nicely. The 4 Counties in 2021 will be at Broadstone; and Dorset will be celebrating their 50th anniversary. Roy feels that the fixture list is looking very good.

Action: Committee agreed that the selection committee (under the new arrangements) should meet via Zoom to select teams for both Dorset, Wells and the Somerset Ladies Past Captains, based on the registrations already logged on the website.

(c) Electronic Payments

John Beer reported on website developments. John has created a PayPal Business account for Somerset Golf Captains. PayPal functionality has also been added to the website although this system has not yet gone live to the public. (Transactions can be made and tested using the online sandbox facility.

(d) Stock

John also reported back on stock. John has now collected the existing stock from Jim Scott and counted the number of items in each box. These figures were shared with the committee. The numbers tally with the ones sent by Jim, although there were some small discrepancies in terms of sizes and styles of jumpers.

Action John Beer and David Andow to go ahead and submit an order to Glenmuir Including the Captains livery for Stephen Butterfield

(e) Dinner Arrangements

Rob Ford reported on the dinner arrangements. No progress had been made with either the Winter Gardens or the Pier in Weston, and so the committee agreed to stay at Taunton Rugby Club next year on the 5th of February. Stephen Butterfield confirmed that Tony Roscoe’s fee would be £650, although this still has to be confirmed.

Action: David Andow to raise a deposit for the rugby club.

Action: The dinner committee to meet Patrick in September to discuss menus.

The numbers are likely to be limited to 150 and may be further reduced if social distancing is still in place. It was noted that the SGU have now cancelled their dinner in November. The committee understood that if we pull out of our dinner in February the deposit will be rolled over to the following year

5. Roundup of COVID-19 arrangements

The Vice President invited each member of the committee to describe this the arrangements which are in place at their golf clubs for golf and use of club house facilities. Several clubs noted a significant increase in the membership. In summary, it would appear that the golf clubs have  bounced back well and indeed with an increased membership. Rob Ford and Roy Parmiter invited any of the members of the committee to Long Sutton for a game of golf if they wish to do so.

(6) There was no any other urgent business.

The meeting closed at 8:15 pm