Minutes of SGC Executive Committee (Zoom) Meeting 24th August 2020

Somerset Golf Captains Executive Committee (Zoom)

Minutes of the meeting held on Monday, the 24th of August 2020 at 7.35pm

(Approved at the meeting held on 25th November 2020)

Present Bob Acland (Vice President & Chair), John Beer, Stephen Butterfield, David Andow, Rob Ford, Roy Parmiter, Mike Usher-Clark

  1. Apologies: None from official members of the Committee, but noted apologies from David Bate.
  2. Minutes of the last meeting were approved as a true and accurate record with one correction to item #4: “Bickley” should read “Picton”
  3. Matters arising: there were no matters arising
  4. Reports from subgroups
  • Finance & Treasurers Report: Balance in account of £3509.88 with £11 to be refunded to Mike Usher-Clark. Nothing else to report
  • Administration: The secretary confirmed that he had received five or six emails from members supporting the earlier decision to cancel the Captains Day and one long response from a past captain who was taken aback by the decision, because other meetings and open events have been going on. The committee understood where he was coming from, and were happy with the response which the secretary had provided. Secretary also confirmed that we have received a full order from Glenmuir for shirts and jumpers; with an invoice total of £1172 (paid and no longer outstanding).
  • Fixtures for 2021: The fixture secretary confirmed that there was still a couple to do and everything should be ready in the next couple of months. This is still work in progress and he will pass the list onto the secretary as soon as possible for publication on the website. The fixture secretary also confirmed that Tommy Tulk (SGU chairman) had asked about the possibility of a match at the end of September, or beginning of October. The committee were in full agreement and more details will follow.
  1. Autumn meeting 2020

The secretary reported on preparations and discussions for the Autumn meeting and drew attention to several documents which have been circulated prior to the meeting: the risk assessment; players’ walk-through; the restrictions imposed by Worlebury Golf Club; the photo of the table arrangements. The President felt that the meal provided by Worlebury for the Presidents’ Day was very good and indicated that he would abstain from the subsequent discussion, but did say he would feel comfortable if it did go ahead. During the discussion which followed.  The secretary confirmed that the limit on numbers could be as high of 60 or 80, provided that Worlebury had numbers at least one week in advance. Captains would be encouraged to play, eat and then depart. Some concerns expressed about other people in the bar and it was agreed that the secretary should clarify these arrangements with the club manager at Worlebury (i.e. whether we have exclusive use of the restaurant & bar area or will there be a partition in place etc).We discussed the restriction that no more than two households can sit at the same table indoors, and some members of the committee questioned whether this still applied

Action: Secretary to check again

Our understanding now was that the limit of 30 indoors did not apply to pubs and restaurants, if they could arrange social distancing. If we have speeches –  it becomes an assembly. Can we trust our members not to socialise too closely and obey the rules? It was suggested that two members of the committee could act as clubhouse stewards to marshal interaction between groups and supervise entry and exit from the dining room. Perhaps we need to send out a notice to this effect or covered in the email information prior to the event.  A vote was then taken and it was the unanimous decision of the committee to go ahead with the Autumn meeting with the following additional mitigation measures in place.

  • Only two people from different households sitting at the same table
  • Two other people (in the same fourball) could sit on an adjoining table provided there is separation between these tables.
  • No presentation of prize giving
  • Captains would be encouraged to depart as soon as they have finished their meal
  • Each fourball to be allowed about an hour for their two-course meal. This should mean a maximum of 24 (or 28) diners in the restaurant at any one time. Worlebury has a seating capacity of 44 in the restaurant, so this should allow us to spread people out in a safely socially distanced way.
  • Two members of the committee will be on hand to supervise the dining arrangements. This will include discouraging members from different four balls spending time together, and monitoring the number of people entering and leaving the restaurant at any one time

Discussion then turned to the format and the prize-giving. The Griffiths trophy is normally awarded to the highest score in both the Spring and Autumn meeting, and the committee agreed it would be an appropriate time to review these arrangements. Therefore, the Griffiths Trophy will not be presented this year and prizes for the winning pairs will be glasses and golf balls. The format will be four ball better ball with Captains able to enter either as individuals or pairs.

Action: Secretary to check number of tankards in stock and order more from Majestic crystal if necessary.

Action: Committee to discuss and reconsider the format for both the Spring and Autumn meetings and the status of the Griffiths trophy before next year.

Other matters which need to be clarified with Worlebury before the event include:

  • Ball washers were still in operation last week
  • Supply of soap and sanitisers in toilets
  • How will Worlebury manage other users in the bar and restaurant area? (perhaps we need to agree a limit on the members side and a limit on our side.)

We also discussed scoring and completion of cards and the various methods which are currently in use at different clubs. The Vice President then confirmed that we would have two cards per group so that you can record your opponent’s scores in columns A/B and you record your own scores in column D. It was also proposed that we charge £35 for the day which is the normal match fee. I.e. everything should be £35 except the six counties on the four counties and this was agreed.

  1. Annual Dinner 2021

Chairman of the Dinner Committee confirmed he’d been given this a lot of thought and he has seen emails regarding after-dinner speakers. He felt uncomfortable about guaranteeing a fee up to 90 days before the event. The recommendation from the dinner committee was that we cancel the dinner and each member of the committee was invited to express their views. Our understanding was that the venue could introduce social distancing but this would dramatically reduce the number of captains available to attend the dinner, and the committee’s view was that we were unable to provide a dinner to the same standards as previous years. The committee agreed reluctantly, but unanimously, to cancel the annual dinner 2021.

Action: Secretary to notify members and our usual guests

Action: Taunton Rugby Club to retain the holding deposit until further notice.

Stephen Butterfield confirmed that this holding deposit is refundable and we could get it back at any time. Planning should now focus on the 2022 dinner which will be the 60th anniversary of Somerset Golf Captains.

  1. Any other Business
  • The Vice President tabled the following proposal regarding circumstances in which public versions of the minutes would be redacted to remove sensitive or confidential information. “The intent of the committee is to be open and transparent in all its dealings

Minutes, in full, will be circulated for approval and retained, as amended, as the record of decisions. It is recognised that some issues discussed at meetings may be commercially sensitive and/ or breach the confidentiality/data protection of individual members. The committee are asked to consider and approve:

  1. The committee minutes published, or shared with non- Committee members, should not contain information that is commercially sensitive to current or future negotiations
  2. Personal confidentiality should be respected when sensitive/personal issues are raised.

It is recommended that:  The chair of the executive committee, in consultation with the secretary, be authorised to initiate and approve redacted minutes for publication, in the circumstances listed above”

This proposal was accepted unanimously

  • The committee also agreed to delay the publication of the report on the Presidents’ Day until the news regarding the Autumn Meeting and the Annual Dinner had been circulated to members.
  • The Vice-President offered to make contact with any past captains who were unhappy with the cancellation of the Captains Day but was assured that this was not necessary.

Meeting closed 8.45pm