Minutes of SGC Executive (Zoom) Meeting – 25th November 2020

Somerset Golf Captains Executive Committee (Zoom)

DRAFT – Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday, the 25th of November 2020 at 7.00pm – DRAFT

NB Minutes to be approved and adopted at next meeting

Present Bob Acland (Vice President & Chair), John Beer, Stephen Butterfield, David Andow, Rob Ford, Roy Parmiter, Mike Usher-Clark

  1. There were no apologies
  2. The minutes of the last meeting on the 24th of August and accepted subject to one alteration. On page 3, item #6 replace “the 2020 to” with “2022”.
  3. Matters arising

Item 6: Secretary confirmed that he had notified our usual guests at the 2021 dinner would be cancelled.

  1. Reports from sub groups
  • Finance group (DA)

The treasurer referred the committee to the financial statement which have been circulated, and to the stocktaking document circulated by the Secretary. Committee then discussed a contribution to the cost of the Zoom software previously purchased by the secretary. Agreed to refund the secretary one match fee during the season 2021. Secretary asked if anyone is still owed a refund for the Autumn meeting. President told the committee the cheques have been sent out and Captains were asked to confirm receipt, but one person didn’t.

Action Treasurer to confirm which cheque has not been banked and President to contact the relevant Captain.

  • Administration support group

The secretary confirmed formally, as a matter of record, that the Autumn meeting 2020 had been cancelled due to a positive test for coronavirus at Worlebury Golf Club; 24 hours before the event was due to take place. The secretary also wanted to record his thanks for the support and co-operation from committee members in making phone calls and notifying captains on the afternoon in question; and in particular to the treasurer who then had to refund 46 entry fees to 46 past captains. The President also recorded the committee’s thanks to the secretary for his efforts on the day.

Confirmation of new fixture secretary. The Committee were aware of two interested Captains. After some discussion, it was agreed that the Vice-President would contact the two interested parties by telephone and then have further discussions with the Secretary. The committee agreed to endorse the Vice-President’s decision in moving forward.

Confirmation of new members 2020.Secretary confirmed the recruitment of 11 new captains during 2020, with two more in the pipeline, bringing the total to 13. Fixture Secretary confirmed that the new Long Sutton captain will also join which would bring the figure to 14. There was some discussion about which clubs (normally members clubs) pay for the membership and which don’t.

Action: Secretary to contact RF to confirm which clubs are normally pay for the captains.

Action: Secretary to prepare an invoice for Vice-President with regards to current Captain at Mendip Spring Golf Club.

Stephen Butterfield asked if we knew how many captains were intending to roll over to next year and therefore will not be joining again. This information was not available action. President confirmed that anyone who was the captain of a Somerset Golf Club in 2020 is still entitled to join Somerset Golf Captains. Stephen Butterfield informed the committee that Bleadon is now also registered with the Somerset Golf Union.

Stock update: the Secretary drew attention to the breakdown of stock currently being held (livery, ties and tankards) bringing the total value of stock held to £7078.

Fixtures: Fixture Secretary confirmed that he had had some problems with emails during lockdown; e.g. golf clubs were not replying to emails. Fixture Secretary confirmed that he would sort out venues for the Hampshire and Dorset games next week, and confirm a date for the match against Somerset Ladies Past Captains at Wells. Although Saunton have cancelled the traditional “Six Counties” event in March, the Devon President is organising a reduced six counties competition at Stover Golf Club on the 8th of April. It will be for teams of 12, at a cost of £40 per head and the committee agreed to enter a Somerset team in this event. Fixture secretary confirmed that he should have the fixtures finished by the end of December. Agreed to put the list of matches on the website as they are now (even though there are still some gaps)

 Action: Secretary to contact Fixture Secretary and post fixtures on the website.

Vice-President confirmed that the Presidents’ Day 2020 will be held at Mendip Spring Golf Club on the 16th of September 2020.

  • Dinner Planning Committee

Committee were informed that the Vice-President had been in contact with the Winter Gardens in Weston-Super-Mare. Winter Gardens are being considered as a possible venue for the 2022 dinner (our sixtieth anniversary). The size of the venue may be an opportunity for us to invite guests which could increase our revenue. The Vice-President has suggested that we might move the 2021 dinner to October 2021, and then follow this with the 2022 dinner in October 2022. The committee recognised this would mean having to avoid a clash with Sussex and Surrey who also have dinners in October. Agreed that the dinner committee would look at the feasibility of holding the dinner at the Winter Gardens in 2022 even if ticket prices might have to go up.

 Action: This item to be reviewed at the next meeting.

  1. Spring Meeting and AGM

The committee discussed plans for the spring meeting and AGM at Weston-Super-Mare Golf Club on the 24th of March 2021. There was some discussion about whether or not we will be able to hold an AGM on the 24th of March, and whether or not we could do this using Zoom. It was agreed that we should plan on the assumption that there will be an AGM and make alternative arrangements if this proves not to be the case. If we do not hold an AGM, it may be necessary to inform members of the nominations for the various positions and move forward on the basis that these people will assume office (with effect from the 24th of March) subject to this being ratified at an AGM later in the year. The committee then discussed the format for the spring and autumn meetings. Tankards and prizes would be presented to the winning pair on each occasion; and the Griffiths Trophy is normally presenting to the individual who secured the highest combined score over the two events. With regard to the format and status of the Griffiths Cup, the Committee agreed that they would introduce a new requirement to the effect that captains could not play with the same partner at both the spring and autumn with meetings. This should avoid two captains playing together on both occasions and generating two winners. Further discussion will be needed with regard to the format of the competition e.g. four ball better ball? Greensomes?

Action: This item to be reviewed at the next meeting.

In terms of the Spring Meeting itself, the best case scenario would be the full traditional golf meeting, including showers, jackets and ties for meal; speeches and presentation. Worst case scenario would be an informal event whereby people play golf; but do not change for the meal afterwards; meal served on a rolling basis; no speeches and no presentation with prizes distributed after the event. The fixture secretary confirmed that the deal we have agreed with the Weston-super-Mare includes: coffee and bacon roll on arrival; a two course meal: and a room for an AGM afterwards. We have the tee booked from 10:30 am to 1 pm (probably at 10 minute intervals).

  1. Any other business
  • As a retiring gift, the President would like to present a pair of tankards to be used as prizes for the “Captain’s Day” in future years. Rob Ford pointed out that the Captains Day, with guests, is likely to be problematic, in terms of organisation because of the number of tee-times required, and the extension of courtesy to Captains, but not to their guests. Whilst the committee agreed to accept the kind offer from the President, the viability and organisation of the captains day event needs further discussion.

 Action: This item to be reviewed at the next meeting.

  • The treasurer raised the question about whether we should be planning to increase the match fees, if clubs look towards increasing their fees over the next few years

 Action: The Vice-President asked for the treasurer to issue a paper on this subject before the next meeting and further discussion was deferred until then.

  • Pre-Christmas Committee get-together

Fixture Secretary confirmed he is in conversation with Long Sutton Golf Club with regards to an opportunity for the committee to meet socially before Christmas; including breakfast and a round of golf. Further information to follow

  • President confirmed that he will convene a meeting of the “Presidents Committee” to discuss and identify an individual to be proposed as a future Vice-President at the AGM.

Meeting ended 8:30 pm

NB Minutes to be approved and adopted at next meeting