Minutes of the SGC Executive Meeting – 7th September 2021

Somerset Golf Captains Executive Committee

Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday, the 7th September 2021 at  the Admirals Table

Present Roy Parmiter (Vice President & Chair), Bob Acland (President) , John Beer, Stephen Butterfield, David Andow, Rob Ford.

Apologies were received from David Bate and Iain Robertson

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as a true and accurate record subject to 2 corrections as follows :

Page 2; item 7(a) replace with “Camberwell” with Cumberwell

Page 2; item 7(a) replace with “Aunton” with Saunton

Matters arising

The new rules document is still to be circulated

Still need a decision regarding B&B and SVGC Action: To be discussed at the Presidents Committee on the 28th of September and then report back to the committee

The six counties will probably go to Stover next year with teams of 12 (TBC) may then go to Wiltshire in 2023 to be played at Cumberwell Park with teams of 24 Action: date to be confirmed

Re read item 7(b): David Andow is now to go to the Surrey Dinner to replace John Beer


Captain’s report

Fixtures are going well. The match managers are doing their job. All is going well. Had some good results. Had a ball. Some issues with food at a recent match and some confusion over tee-times.


Reports from Sub-groups

Dinner planning

Stephen Butterfield is to have three further meetings on Thursday afternoon (16th of September). Nothing further to report at this meeting. Stephen Butterfield confirmed the date will be the 4th of March and that he is moving towards the cricket club who are very keen to host again. Stephen Butterfield will make a decision on Thursday the ninth of September .Action Stephen Butterfield to email the committee on Thursday 9th of September with a final decision


Treasurer confirmed that we collect match fees against Hampshire, but do not pay out on the day. David Andow felt it may be necessary therefore to increase the match fees. because catering is also going up. Some discussion with regard to what other counties do. David felt that the income from new captains has gone down. Roy Parmiter asked if everyone has paid for Friday (match vs SGU). David also suggested that if a player is unable to alter the reference on BACS, they should contact the Secretary or the Treasurer.

Action: Agreed that if anyone is unable to alter the reference when using BACS they should contact the Secretary or Treasurer.

Action: Green fees to be discussed at the President’s Committee on the 28th of September 2021.


John Beer confirmed that Oake Manor are happy to host the Captains Day next year with a date to be confirmed.


We discussed the email from Oxfordshire with regards to provision of wine at tables. There were mixed views on the committee: some felt it was a sensible idea (similar to Seniors matches); others felt it was an appalling idea because the wine with the meal is part of the whole experience.

Agreed that secretary should reply to Oxfordshire on the basis as follows: thank you very much , we have noted your email and we are as divided as you are. We accept the Oxfordshire will not provide wine on tables next year and Somerset will reciprocate on the same basis in 2023

 Autumn Meeting will be four-ball better ball pairs . Secretary has engraved tankards to be presented. Tee-times would run from 1032 to 1224 at eight minute intervals.

Agreed duties as follows:

Reception desk: Bob Acland and David Andow

First Tee (starter and photographer) David Bate and Iain Robertson

Cards and results: Roy Parmiter and Rob Ford.

Dress code will be smart casual (with jackets and ties optional). The meal will be served on a rolling basis. Roy Parmiter confirmed that he had the Griffiths Cup and will take it to the meeting. Stephen Butterfield confirmed that he would pass the camera on to Bob Acland for the President’s meeting and the Autumn meeting

Action: John Beer to pass on the tankards to Bob Acland when SGC play SLPCA at Wells on Wednesday, the 8th of September. Action:John Beer to circulate a list of pairings and scores from the spring meeting so that people can add scores from the Autumn meeting to calculate the winner of the Griffiths trophy

Web hosting update John Beer briefed the committee on discussions with Andy Carter and Matt Wilkie from “Publicity Matters” and distributed papers showing the financial costs involved with various options. The committee agreed to proceed on the basis of a “managed” website with “Publicitymatters” and John Beer to pursue this to report back to the Presidents Committee on the 28th of September. Specific issues which need to be clarified were the contractual arrangements ( i.e. one year or three year and the extent of the annual increase). What about the archiving? How do we access this e.g. old match reports

Any other business

Presidents’ Day: This will be an individual Stableford (or team bowmaker) with prizes

Date of next meeting

Presidents Committee: 28th of March 2021 (venue to be confirmed)

Executive meeting:25th of October 2021 (at the Admirals Table at 19:00 hours