Minutes of the SGC Executive Meeting – 10th August 2021

Somerset Golf Captains Executive Committee

Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday, the 10th August  2021 at  the Admirals Table
Present Roy Parmiter (Vice President & Chair), Bob Acland (President) , John Beer, Stephen Butterfield, David Andow, Rob Ford.

Apologies were received from David Bate and Iain Robertson

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as a true and accurate record subject to 2 corrections as follows :

item number five line two, “much” should read “match”

item 6:  “Fulton” should read “Filton”


Matters arising

item 3b this issue is still outstanding and ongoing. Roy Parmiter to report back at a later meeting

Item 6a regarding the cancellation of the match at Filton against the Southwest Golf Club Managers Association: the Secretary reported back on the actions he had taken. The committee fully endorsed the actions of the Secretary.

Item 5: Vice President asked if match managers were giving their teams to the Secretary 14 days before the fixture and the answer was “no”!

Action: Secretary to remind match managers to confirm their team sheets 14 days before the fixture and update this on the website so that the treasurer can confirm payments received

Treasurer also reported a number of problems with the BACS payments -particularly difficulties with references which some people are unable to change.

Captain’s Report

Captain of Captains reported that the fixtures were going well. The venues and the reception at these venues have been well received. Players were embracing this situation and the company of the opposition. Meetings have been animated with everyone having a good time. Match managers are doing a good job and the Captain applauded the Secretary for keeping the website up-to-date.

Dinner planning

Stephen Butterfield confirmed that he had been discussing options with the Holiday Inn at Blackbrook. Stephen felt that the option of three courses plus cheese was being priced out of the market. In addition, wine prices and port prices were going up. The Holiday Inn would also give accommodation at a competitive rate. The alternative would be to opt for two courses plus cheese which would come within the meal allocation. The secretary confirmed that the County Cricket Ground were keen to accommodate us, but it would be necessary to arrange a meeting to discuss details options and prices.

Action: Stephen Butterfield and Rob Ford to liaise with Iain Robertson regarding the two possible venues i.e. Somerset County Council ground or the Holiday Inn.

In the discussion which followed, there was a view that we ought to retain three courses plus cheese for the 60th anniversary. President was keen to have the date confirmed for next year and the Captain of Captains indicated that the working date for the dinner is Friday, the 4th of March.The overriding factor remains the ability to cater for up to 200 people and the venue is still to be decided.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer confirm the current balance. An order for 12 ladies scarves has been placed. Just to confirm that the bills have been paid in full at Taunton & Pickeridge, Treasurer also commented that we have paid a deposit to Oake Manor for the Dorset game. We have also already paid a deposit of £300 to Taunton Rugby Club as a possible venue for next year’s dinner

Adminstration Support Group

 Fixtures 2022

The latest draft of the 2022 fixtures were circulated and the committee thanked Iain Robertson for his work and efficient organisation of these fixtures. With regard to the Six Counties, it was felt that this fixture would be very doubtful in future there will be a question mark over whether Devon will take the fixture to Stover, or whether Wiltshire will take the fixture to Camberwell Park. Captain asked about the alternative fixture at Saunton  (the 12 Counties?) and the Vice President suggested that we would have to ask the members about this. Vice Captain confirmed that the Spring Meeting is likely to be held at Long Sutton on Monday, the 11th of April but this is still awaiting final confirmation. Possible venues for the Autumn meeting were discussed including Bath, Salford or the Isle of Wedmore.

Invitations to county dinners.

Rob Ford agreed to attend the Hampshire committee competition at Meon Valley the 19th of August.

Sussex Dinner: Stephen Butterfield and John Beer

Dorset Dinner: Stephen Butterfield and Bob Acland

Action: secretary to respond to other counties to confirm these representations

 Review of invitation day

The committee discussed the letter received from a Past President.

Agreed: that the secretary should respond to confirm “thank you for your observations; we are working on future planning and your comments will be taken account of when we plan next year’s events”

 Autumn meeting 23rd of September

Secretary confirmed that he would not be able to attend the Autumn Meeting and sends his apologies. Secretary would collect all the registrations and do all the administration prior to the event but it would be up to other members of the committee to run the day and agree tasks between them. Captain of Captains confirmed that he had sent his apologies to both that day and to the Presidents’ Day.

 Clothing & Livery

Agreed that John Beer and David Andow could compile a order to Glenmuir in the autumn including a number of large shirts and Captains Livery for 2022 for Rob Ford.


It was confirmed that the match manager, or Captain, during home matches should send a mug round to collect gratuities for the staff. This did not happen at the T&P match against Wiltshire which was remiss of us.

Action: Secretary to add this to the match managers duties.

Web hosting

Secretary confirmed our current web host company (Laws Hosting) will cease trading at the end of the year and we will have to find a new hosting company, and transfer the existing website during the months of October, November and December. Secretary confirmed that Andy Carter is willing to help and assist in this matter.

 Any other business

President asked have we been able to recruit any other helpers in terms of succession planning. Treasurer confirmed that he had someone in mind. Secretary confirmed that no progress had been made yet but this will become more pressing next year if secretary decides to give up after three years

Date of next meeting: Tuesday, the 7th of September at 7 o’clock at the Admiral’s Table in Bridgewater


Meeting closed at 9 pm