Somerset Golf Captains’ Delegations 2020

Somerset Captains Delegations

The minutes of the 02/12/19 committee require a report on potential delegations to the approved structure. Presented as a basis for discussion.

This document should be read in conjunction with the revised structure and committee responsibilities which was approved by the Committee 2/12/2019 (Click here to see notes of that meeting). The assumption is that whilst responsibility lies with the Executive for all operational issues, many of the actions that enable it to happen are delegated to the operational subgroups. The Executive cannot delegate upwards. It’s important therefore to establish what functions and responsibilities are outside the operational remit and reserved to the President’s committee


  • Presidents Committee:
  • Recruitment of VC and VP;
  • Arbiter of precedence and protocol; Committee of appeal in the event of a serious dispute (reputational damage) or allegations of misconduct.
  • Proactively engage with Somerset golf club senior managements to maintain the societies profile and good name


  • Executive Committee
  • Operational management and functioning of the SGC
  • Oversight of all activities
  • Policy making and implementation
  • Determining direction and ensuring strong relationships with Cubs, Captains and Counties
  • Budget setting, oversight and control
  • Forward planning and organisational change


  • Operational sub-groups


  • Finance group
  • Maintain financial records
  • Prepare and monitor budgets and budgetary projections
  • Advise the Executive committee of projected or actual variances over (£??)
  • Advise Executive Committee on annual fees, charges and the sale of clothing
  • The appointed treasurer to advise and where possible recruit such persons and skills as he/she deems necessary to assist in the treasury tasks.


  • Admin support group
  • Recruit a team to undertake the delegated tasks, comprising a “Fixture Secretary”, an “IT/Web manager” and such IT support as may be necessary, including contracted support, to maintain the functions of the society and its web presence. The Secretary is the lead officer for all functions and reports and responsible to the Executive committee.
  • Compiling and maintaining a record of past Captains and actively engaging with new Captains
  • Fixture secretary to arrange fixtures on a home and away basis. Manage the process with home venues and keep the secretary informed. Ensure that any issues or disputes are communicated to the Executive committee.
  • Maintaining the stocks of Captains regalia and clothing.
  • The executive committee will set the policy on clothing advice from the Secretary and with the involvement of the treasurer
  • Maintain records of matches played and players selected.
  • Organisation of the Spring and Autumn meetings


  • Dinner Planning
  • All organisational matters pertaining to the Annual Dinner. Including selection of the venue, meal choices, arrangements for guests, members and a speaker.
  • Venue, Ticket price, Invited Guests and the cost and selection of entertainment should be approved by the Executive Committee. The Dinner committee will provide budget forecasts before commitments are made.
  • Consult and be advised by the President on matters of precedent and protocol
  • The Chair, being the Vice- Captain, will need an experienced, team to assist and provide continuity. The Executive committee to appoint such a team, in consultation with the vice- captain.


  • Team Selections
  • Selection of teams, appointment of match managers, notifications through the secretary and the website.
  • The selected teams will be spread as widely as possible amongst the membership
  • Secretary will provide an analysis of applications for matches and matches offered as a report to the Executive committee
  • The criteria for selection in friendly matches being to enable all past captains, who wish, to enjoy the opportunity of play with SGC.
  • When selecting for the two competitive fixtures a best available team will be selected and fielded as determined by the Captain.


RFCA 30/01/2020