Minutes of SGC Executive Committee (Zoom) Meeting 27th April 2020

NB, It should be further noted that due to the social distancing measures the committee made decisions by email, during March, confirming the cancellation of fixtures, a planned for resumption as of the 24th July  and the appointment of officers for the 20/21 season.

Somerset Golf Captains-Executive Committee (Zoom) Meeting

Monday, the 27th of April 2020, 7pm.

Present: Bob Acland (Vice President & Chair), John Beer, Stephen Butterfield, David Andow, Rob Ford, Roy Parmiter, Mike Usher-Clark (President)

  1. There were no apologies
  2. Vice Presidents introductory comments

Bob welcomed Stephen as the new Captain and Rob as the new Vice Captain. He also welcome John as the new secretary and Mike as President. He also welcomed Roy to the meeting and looked forward to the New Year with Somerset Golf Captains in its new format and in with its new way of working.

  1. Minutes of the meetings held on the 7th of February 2020 and 5th of March 2020

In the absence of minutes, the bullet points and notes circulated prior to the meeting were accepted as a true and accurate record of the two meetings. There were several matters arising

(a) Livery for Captain 2020
Stephen confirmed that he would like to order the following items of SGC livery: 1 x long sleeve sweater; 1 x sleeveless sweater; 1 x shirt (all sizes XL). The committee agreed that these items could be embroidered with “Captain 2020/21”.

 Action: JB include with next Glenmuir Order

(b)In the continued absence of full minutes from the 2019 AGM, the committee agreed to work towards production of some appropriate notes. The committee understood there was a delay waiting for Andy Carter‘s contribution; and agreed that the two items raised from the floor related to the possibility of an annual subscription; and a request for suitable recompense for dinner cancellations. It was agreed to go back to Jim and ask for Jim’s notes or also to refer back to minutes of previous committee meetings where these existed.

Action:  BA/JB to report back at the next meeting.

(c) The new pro forma for match managers had been completed

(d) Nothing further to report from the Pier or Winter Gardens because both venues are closed

  1. Emergency decision by email consensus

The summary of these emergency decisions had been circulated prior to the meeting and these were accepted and ratified formally by those present.

  1. Finance (DA)

David spoke to the first document entitled “SGC 06032020 Accounts” and your attention to the closing balance of £4299.60. The tie order has not yet been submitted. Deposit had been paid to 3 clubs for events in 2020 but Roy Parmiter confirmed these would be carried forward to events next year. Mike Usher-Clark suggested that the £1200 refunded by Saunton for the Six Counties be removed and the new balance shown as £5499.60. Roy Parmiter pointed out that the entry listed as “4 Counties 2019” should be renamed “6 Counties 2019”. Stephen Butterfield asked for clarification of the “£741 for SGC” shown alongside the dinner accounts. David Andow confirmed that this £741 was included in the £4955 shown as income; and so the dinner made an overall loss of £6.80. The committee agreed that the balance sheet should not go the website; but that paper copies would be available at the next AGM and the report summarised in the minutes of that meeting.

Action: DA to update figures

David Andow also introduced the two year budget forecast produced by himself and Paul Hucker. Paul Hucker‘s view was that the finances are running along quite nicel; with year 1 balancing out year 2 even though there are more home or away matches each year.

  1. Administration (JB)

(a) Fixtures

Roy Parmiter confirmed that 12 (about half) of the fixtures for 2021 have been arranged. Although there may be some imbalance between home and away fixtures. It looks like we could have nine home fixtures in 2021.We have swapped two of the tours around so that Surrey/Hampshire will be at home in 2021 (away in 2022) and Shropshire/Worcestershire will be away in 2021 (home in 2022). Weston-Super-Mare have confirmed that they will be happy to host the Spring Meeting at the same time next year, and have also given us another fixture. Dorset are still happy to go ahead with the fixture at Weymouth on the 4th of August, if circumstances allow. The Salford fixture against Devon in September has been cancelled and we are waiting for Salford to confirm a fixture for next year.

(b) Electronic payments

John Beer presented a paper summarising where we are with electronic payments through the website. There was discussion about the nominations for managing officials and the decision of the committee was to proceed with three officials named: President, Treasurer, Secretary. John Beer confirmed that the trial period would relate only to clothing sales through the website, and would not be used for match fees or dinner tickets at the moment. Rob Ford pointed out that there could be a problem for the Treasurer, with payments coming in from different sources, which might be difficult to reconcile.

Action: JB to report back at future meetings

(c) Stock

John Beer presented a paper summarising the latest stock take situation. David Andow pointed out that we are still waiting to receive the stock from Jim Scott. Mike Usher-Clark asked about the number of badges and John confirmed the message from Jim was that we had 28 badges in stock plus Captain and President badges up until 2021. The committee agreed it would be reasonable for Stephen to have two badges: one for 2020 and one for 2021. The committee approved the new choice of new shirt and the shirt price of £30

  1. Dinner Committee (RF)

Rob Ford updated the committee on possible venues for 2021. He pointed out that if the Winter Gardens were closed it might be too late to get back to the rugby club but felt that we should hold the Winter Gardens in abeyance and see if we can contact them in the near future. Rob confirmed that David Bate was very happy and keen to get involved. Stephen Butterfield pointed out that we do have a bookmark at the Rugby Club for the 5th of February, and Bob agreed to contact the Winter Gardens and Mike Usher-Clark to contact the Pier, as he knows the owners and could set up a meeting. David Andow felt it was more important to get the entertainer booked and there was some discussion about the budget. Mike Usher-Clark felt that we could afford a fee of up to £750. Stephen Butterfield to have a look around and see what is available

  1. Team Selection Captains Invitation Day (SB)Stephen Butterflied referred to the paper released today by England golf which he felt was more optimistic and hoped that the Captains Invitation Day on July 24 would be a good start day. Rob Ford pointed out that, when clubs reopen, they may restrict golf to members in the first instance. It was agreed to look at this again in a month’s time. David Andow pointed out that there may not be clubhouse facilities available.

Action: This item this item was carried forward to the next meeting.

  1. Other Urgent Business

There were no other items of urgent business and it was agreed that Bob Acland and John Beer would call the next meeting when they felt it appropriate to do so (possibly in 4 to 6 weeks time)

Action: BA/JB to convene next meeting.

Meeting closed 8.12pm