Somerset retain the Jennings Trophy!

Dorset Golf Captains were the visitors to Oake Manor Golf Club on Tuesday, the 3rd of August, and the match was played in sunny and dry conditions, with some cloud cover.

Match manager and Somerset secretary John Beer was “pinged” by the NHS app 24 hours before the match, and so was unable to play any part!! We would like to thank Past-President Trevor Jenkins for stepping in at such short notice.

In match one, Stephen Butterfield and Club Captain Richard Bryant played against Dorset Vice-Captain Brian Woodroffe and his partner Brian Walsh. This game was played in great company with some great banter and with some good golf (but also with some mediocre golf). Dorset putted better than Somerset on the day, and a “half” was a fair result.

In match two, Ben Gliddon and Bob Smith played against Tony Howe and Terry Pettifer. This was a really good day out with the Dorset lads. Ben and Bob dovetailed well. Although down for the first nine holes, Somerset recovered well on the back nine and rode their luck to win by the margin of 4&3.

In match three, Nigel Haigh and Phillip Slater played against Paul Taylor and Peter Samuel. Somerset found the Dorset Captains to be unbelievably friendly, fantastic, superb and charming people.  Cannot wait to play with them again. Somerset winning by 7&5!

In match four, Trevor Watts played with late replacement Trevor Jenkins against Dorset Secretary Nigel Mobbs and fixture secretary Dave Picton. Somerset came up against two players who, between them, were excellent in all departments. Somerset played reasonably well but were stuffed by the Dorset pair! David was up and down four times from different bunkers. Dorset one by 6&5!

In match five, Marcus Woodward played with Robert Hardy against Trevor Leaton and David Renough. David and Trevor dovetailed very well; holed their putts and deservedly won this match comfortably by 6&4. Good company and the food was very good which cheered everyone up.

In match six, Mike Usher-Clark played with Colin Mantle against Andy Smart and David Kimberley. This was a wonderful game in the best of company played in the best possible spirit. Somerset’s tenacity just came through at the end for them to win by the margin of 2&1.

In match seven, Jeff Saunders and Jim Allan played against Alan Hedditch and  Ian Bakewell. This was a very enjoyable game, played in a good spirit and a very enjoyable day for all concerned. Somerset won the last three holes to secure a “half”.

In match eight, Roy Parmiter and Phil Barrett played against Bill Kent and David Scott. The two lad(ie)s from Dorset often had two shots a hole!!  Everyone had a great day. Golf has played in the correct spirit of Golf Captains but Somerset just came out on the winning side 2 up! Cheers indeed to the men from Dorset.

And so the overall result was Somerset 5, Dorset 3; and Somerset retained the Jennings trophy!! In fact, past -President Trevor Jenkins was able to relate the history of the trophy. Trevor was Captain of Captains in 1995 and Bill Jennings (Enmore Park) was Captain of Captains a year later in 1996. Both Trevor and Bill were playing in match against Dorset at Minehead when Bill lost his ball on the 16thover the sea wall and onto the shingle beach. Whilst the other golfers played on, Bill climbed over the wall to retrieve his ball. Then he fell over and broke his ankle! Bill later donated the current trophy to be awarded to the winner of the Somerset and Dorset match! The trophy consists of a golf ball mounted on a plinth – with the golf ball sporting flippers, goggles, snorkel and a visor!!

We would like to thank Oake Manor Golf Club for their hospitality and Roy Parmiter for taking over as match manager.