Committee Minutes 12th March 2019


Tuesday 12thMarch 2019

Admirals Table 7.30PM


Mike Usher Clark                   President

Bob Acland                              Vice President

David Andow                            Treasurer

Andy Carter                            Captain 2018

John Beer                               Captain 2019

Stephen Butterfield               Annual Dinner Chair

Roy Parmitter                        Fixture Secretary

Jim Scott                                 Secretary.


  • Matters Arising from Minutes of the last meeting.

Following Burnham & Berrow GC increase to the match fee for our Annual Match, The Committee reached a decision that we were unable to pay this increased fee.

The SGC Secretary has written to Burnham & Berrow thanking them for their hospitality in past years.

  • Review and comment on the development and launch of the new Web Site.

The launch of the new web site, is regarded as a great success by the Committee.

Congratulations to John Beer, Andy Carter and Mike Usher Clark for their work on this project.

Over 700 registrations from Members have been received to date, higher numbers are expected.

The Committee are sure that this new facility for Members will lead to a greater interest in Somerset Golf Captains. We look forward to the new Season and will use The Spring Meeting @ Oake Manor GC as a test of robustness of the system.

Andy Carter informed the Committee that other Counties had commented on our Web Site, discussion to consider whether we could roll this project out for these Counties will continue and a recommendation made.

Now that we have reached this level with the Web Site,

The Committee need to ensure that we have the technical back up to support this system. Enquiries are on going to find suitable companies ref cost of technical support.

Selection Date

Friday 5thApril has been agreed for the Selection Committee to meet with the Team Selection being published on the Web Site soon afterwards.

  • Finance – Update on our Financial position.

Treasurer David Andow updated the Committee on the latest monthly

Financial Statements.

At the Annual Dinner held at Taunton Rugby Club, record numbers of Members & Visitors were in attendance.

Ticket income was also at record levels with the food and wine greatly appreciated by all. The Committee also committed to invite a Guest Speaker – Billy Foster – Caddie to the Stars and he without doubt added to the evening.

Income was up but so were the costs – the outcome is that we depleted our cash reserves.

This in itself is not an issue, as SG Captains should not be holding to much cash.

Moving forward the Committee agreed the following :

An e mail, outlining Budget conclusions from John Beer was presented at the meeting, we need to consider and agree a budget that allows us to move forward.

In Business costs increase, our buy in price for Clothing has increased, a new pricing schedule is required.

The Committee agreed that in his year as Captain of Captains he/she will not pay a Match Fee.

  • Invitation to join The Committee

 The Committee is pleased to announce that Rob Ford of Long Sutton Golf Club has agreed to join the Committee.

  • Captains Day 2019

Details to be confirmed.


 Members are reminded that the AGM will take place following the Spring Meeting @ Oak Manor GC on Wed 17thApril 2019

 7)  Date of next MEETING – TBC