Committee Minutes 15th July 2019


Somerset Golf Captains  Committee Meeting

Monday 15thJuly 2019 – Admirals Table @ 7.00pm


In Attendance – Bob Acland (Vice President)

David Andow (Treasurer)

John Beer (Captain)

Stephen Butterfield (Dinner Chairman)

Roy Parmitter (Match Secretary)

Rob Ford

Jim Scott (Secretary)


Apologies –         President Mike Usher Clark

  1.  Welcome to Rob Ford as a New Member of the Committee.

The Chairman of the Meeting Bob Acland and all the Committee Members, welcomed Rob Ford to the meeting.

2.    Approve Minutes of 12thMarch 2019

The Committee approved the Minutes of the last meeting unanimously.

3.   Matters arising from the  AGM of the 12thApril 2019@ Oake Manor GC.

(1) A summary of the AGM discussions will be posted on the website, once approved

(2) To confirm our refund policy for future Annual Dinners

4.   Matters arising from these Minutes – to confirm our refunds policy for future Annual Dinners.

Bob Acland introduced a discussion paper on The Annual Dinner held at Taunton Rugby Club, this followed a request at the AGM that some form of compensation should be given to those Captain’s who could not attend due to snow affecting the Roads.

The Committee fully discussed this situation and agreed to recommend that the Policy going forward of the SGC, shall be as follows.

“Withdrawals, up to 24hrs prior to the point when numbers are confirmed for catering purposes (*), will be refunded in full.

Withdrawals after the cut off time will not be refunded”

(*) NB the venue often needs final numbers 10 days before the event

The Committee agreed unanimously to accept this policy.

In relation to those Members from various Clubs who could not attend the most recent Annual Dinner due to snow, the Committee agreed that as a one off compensation, we would offer a 50% reduction in cost of entry into the 2019 Autumn Meeting to be held at Saltford GC

Note the chairman of the meeting declared an interest and did not speak or vote.

5.   Financial Report from Treasurer.

David Andow updated the Committee on the latest financial information.

In general the Accounts are satisfactory.

The Treasurer and Secretary will look at this current year new Captains and ensure that all have paid the Life Membership Fee.

We have sold over £1000 of clothing this is good news for Somerset Golf Captains.

6   Captains Report

Spring Meeting

The Spring meeting at Oake Manor was a great success with 84 past Captains competing and enjoying each other’s company before the AGM. Oake Manor has given us two 4-ball vouchers, which I propose we use for the committee pre-Christmas get together in December.



Autumn Meeting

Some far we have 42 registrations on the website which I would like to confirm and then send out a reminder email. The committee needs to confirm who is to be organizer/coordinator for the Autumn meeting so that I can include on the “Confirmation” email. This person will then need to liaise with Saltford and issue tee-times, organize prizes etc.

Resolved: Jim Scott will organize and liaise with Roy Parmiter over costs and match fees



(a)  So far (as of Wednesday 10th July 2019), we have played two tournaments and seven matches, with two cancelled. We came second in both the Six Counties (to Devon!) and the Four Counties (to Wiltshire, even though our score of 207 would have won in previous years). Results so far for the nine inter county matches as follows: Won 4; Lost 2; Halved 1; Cancelled 2. We also lost the internal game at Sutton Green due to the bad weather, although MUC organised an indoors putting competition for the MUCCY Cup.


(b) The number of withdrawals and reserves for each match was as follows: Oxfordshire 1; Cornwall 0; Hampshire 5; Gloucestershire 1; Surrey 3; Warwickshire/Shropshire 2; Four Counties 2; Worcestershire 6.


(c)  So far, up to and including the SGU game, 79 past captains have represented SGC, some for the first time. A complete breakdown is available to inform future match managers.  I have already had one complaint about some people playing matches than other people, and this analysis shows that some Captains have already been called up as a reserve 2 or 3 times. Whilst I appreciate how tricky it can be for match managers to find reserves, and would like to record my appreciation to people who play at short notice, I would nevertheless like to remind match managers of the policy we adopted at the committee meeting last October.


(d) Unfortunately we arrived at Worcestershire one player short and I am grateful to Stephen for offering to play as a singleton. This raises the question as to whether the new on-line registration and email system is working efficiently or not. Do Captains confirm their availability promptly to match managers? Do managers have to chase them? Do we need to alter anything?


Resolved: that the system is working effectively. We continue to monitor but no change is proposed at present . Match managers should reconfirm attendance of all, 7-10 days prior to each match


(e)  I am particularly grateful to Rob Ford (and Sandra) who spent a significant amount of time retrieving old records from a laptop and then sent me a complete set of records from matches going back many years. Unfortunately, there are still a few gaps to be filled, especially in recent years. Stephen and I intend to fill these gaps, wherever we can, during this season, with view to posting a complete set of match results from inter-county matches on the website for the start of next year.

The Committee noted the Captains report with thanks

Dress  Code

Following the Cornwall match, the issue of the Somerset Golf Captains dress code was raised, specifically with regard to our expectation of wearing dark coloured trousers. I emailed the Committee and as many past Captains as I could and the overwhelming response was that there has never been a specific dress code regarding dark trousers/ shorts. There was, however, universal agreement with regard to the importance of our teams looking smart and members feeling part of our team. If we do decide to introduce a more formal dress code, the committee will need to draft something and then present it to the next AGM in 2020. My personal view is that there is nothing to be lost by stating our current expectations on the website., Such a statement could include, for example:

  • Captains are expected to wear SGC livery; i.e. logo’s golf shirts, sweaters and wind tops. (other items to be removed for the official photographs)
  • During inclement weather, Captains should wear their normal wet weather gear.
  • Dress for dinner should be SGC tie and “Captains” jacket from their home club

Beyond that; do we want to encourage dark trousers for golf; or white shirts for dinner?

Do we wish to move in this direction? or leave things as they stand?

Resolved : The Captain’s understanding and interpretation matched the committee’s. The question of dark shorts or trousers for matches to be tested at the AGM. The committee did not wish members to incur added costs.


7    Dinner 2020

Stephen Butterfield is in the process of trying to find a suitable speaker for the above.

John Beer suggested that we invite Graham Yates President of The EGU to our next Dinner, the Committee agreed and suggested that the President should make contact with Graham.

The Dinner committee was confirmed as SB(chair) RP, DA and BA.

8.   Review Administration & Executive responsibilities

Steve Butterfield opened this discussion by suggesting that we should review the roles of the Officers of the Association.

For example in many of the Counties that we play against The President is an Honorary Role.

Action: Further discussion will ensue on this matter. The proposer(SB) asked to prepare a paper for the committee indicating the proposals, identifying the issues prompting them and the benefits that the proposer believes might be achieved from them

 Note: the Captain at this point made a personal statement on matters of concern to him. This was noted but not discussed by the committee.

 9.   Processing of New Captains

The Secretary now has dates for all new Captain Inductions and we now have an agreed procedure for recruitment of new Captains

Prior to 2018, we do not have a complete record of Captains who have paid for Life Membership.

The Committee was requested to note the agreed procedure.The Committee agreed the following recommendation.

“Captains of Somerset Golf clubs in post prior to April 2018 will be assumed to be Members of Somerset Golf Captains “

10   To note the retirement of Roy Parmiter who will be stepping down at the AGM.

Bob Acland on behalf of all the Committee thanked Roy for looking after our Fixtures list over the years and wished him well for the future.

Resolved: The post of Fixture Secretary be advertised on our Website with the view of appointing a FS to negotiate the 2021 fixtures.

11.  AOB

Jim Scott confirmed that he would stand down as Secretary on or before the date of the AGM.

A discussion took place on the merits of advertising this post. It was decided to delay until the view of the President was ascertained.

12     Date of next meeting to be confirmed.