Midlands Tour rained off!

For those of  you who haven’t heard…

….the Midlands Tour (including fixtures against Warwickshire, and then Hereford & Shropshire) has been postponed/cancelled due to the weather and conditions in the West Midlands!!!

Fortunately we were able to contact all the team members first thing this morning and prevented any futile long motorway journies.

The Warwickshire Secretary phoned us this morning to inform us that today’s match was off!  Andy Carter and I had independently come to the same decision, because Robin Hood Golf Course is open today but with carry bags only! Given the composition of both teams, this meant the fixture could not go ahead. Warwickshire have asked us to put forward some alternative dates later in the year just in case we might be able to rearrange.

The Wrekin Golf Club has been closed for 3 days this week as the Telford area has had 3 months rainfall in a very short space off time. Although the course is open today, more heavy rain is expected overnight. Andy consulted the Shropshire match secretary who confirmed that it was still “P***ing down with rain”. Both sides agreed it was unreasonable to expect us to travel  (6 hour round trip) under these circumstances and it was a mutually agreed decision to postpone/cancel that match as well.

We were able to cancel the hotel accommodation without incurring any charges.

Any information about rearranged fixtures will be posted on the website.

John Beer (Captain 2019)