Notes from SGC Committee Meeting 5th March 2020

SGC Committee (5th March 2020)

  • Recap of discussion ay previous meeting re joint club captains. Reversed previous decision. SGC now to adopt a “neutral” position and not raise the issue unless the club itself does so. No further action.
  • Announcements of deaths of SGC members will go on the website if we are informed.
  • Discussed feedback from Annual Dinner 2020
  • Set up a working party (Bob Acland, David Andow, Mike Usher-Clark) to further investigate the winter Gardens or the Pier in Weston-Super-Mare; i.e., to go and find out details and report back (Fact finding exercise regarding costs, menus, parking, hotels etc)
  • Agreed arrangements for selection committee on 7th April
  • JB to liaise with RF and DA re appropriate level of stock to hold in future.
  • Discussed ‘Captain 2020” livery for SB
  • Agreed to trial on-line payments through the website via Paypal for a period of 1 year.
  • JS to produce minutes of 2019 AGM ready for 2020 AGM
  • JB to issue global email re Spring meeting; AGM; team selection etc
  • JB to design new proforma for Match mangers to use and email to DA re fees and payments collected on match days
  • For the completeness of our records we should formally record that the
  • Delegations set out in paper RFCA/30/1/20 and discussed at the meeting were agreed unanimously
  • The President advised, and the committee agreed, that the changes reflected an operational need but did not represent a change to the constitution.
  • The Dinner arrangements were noted and approved.
  • Treasurer budget summary was agreed as amended.