Minutes of the SGC Executive Meeting – 22nd June 2021

Somerset Golf Captains Executive Committee

Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday, the 22nd June  2021 at  Oake Manor Golf Club
Present Roy Parmiter (Vice President & Chair), Bob Acland (President) , John Beer, Stephen Butterfield, David Andow, Iain Robertson

Apologies were received from David Bate and Rob Ford.

The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as a true and accurate record.

Matters arising

Secretary confirmed he had written to B&B and a copy of the letter had been distributed with the agenda.

Secretary has not yet updated the 2017 rules and it was agreed that this will be taken forward to a future meeting. Action Roy Parmiter and John Beer to discuss and feedback

Captains Report.

Stephen confirmed everything seems to be going well this year indeed we were undefeated until last week. The tour was very enjoyable and everyone had a good time: the courses were good, the company was good, the food was good. Stephen also confirmed that the feedback from Surrey was very good and complimentary following their visit to Mendip Springs Golf Club

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer confirmed the balance after the hotel bill of been paid. There was some discussion over outstanding much fees for the Four Counties. Action John Beer to follow up We then had a review of the BACS system and the treasurer felt that the system falls down when someone pulls out and the secretary or treasurer are not informed. Treasurer also explained that some people seem to require receipts John Beer also referred to a number of problems which had been brought to his attention. However, overall, the committee seemed pleased and satisfied with the way the system has been working so far.  Action: reminder to match managers that they should confirm the team which will actually play 14 days before the match so that the secretary can put this on the website and then the treasurer can use this list to check payment is received. It was agreed to carry on with this method of receiving match fees through BACS until the end of the season.

Secretary’s Report

Secretary provided a verbal feedback on update from other counties with regard to the position of courtesy and matches. Other papers have been distributed with the agenda including a summary of the venues used during the last five years and player applications. There was some discussion about this situation in clubs which were no longer offering a full catering service.The committee also discussed what would be an appropriate fee to use in a match against SWGCMA at Filton which did not include a two course meal afterwards. Action John Beer to confirm the costs involved so that we can set an appropriate match fee and to confirm whether all the sandwiches will be prepared before the match or whether people will have to purchase over-the-counter.

Ladies Scarves. Confirmation that our current life membership at £25 includes a tie which is valued at £10 and men can always order a new tie if they wish to do so. With further discussion the committee agreed to an initial number of 20 scarves for ladies which would be distributed on the same basis as ties for men.

Fixture Secretary’s Report

Iain Robertson distributed a sheet summarising draft or agreed fixtures for 2022. There was a discussion with regards to “Six Counties” which may be moved to Stover in Devon or even Camberwell Park. Captain commented on the number of dormant Captains who were not registered for matches and stressed that we need to come to concentrate on increasing numbers in future.

Dinner planning

Stephen Butterfield reported back on the meeting at the Winter Gardens. Stephen therefore felt that this venue was out of our bracket . Treasurer pointed out that we would also have to have a good speaker which could add an additional £5000 to the annual dinner costs. Stephen Butterfield outlined three different options;

  1. Winter Gardens are too expensive
  2. Look at alternative venues e.g. the Cricket Club, Holiday Inn etc
  3. Limit of 160 if we go back to the Rugby Club which is regarded as a last resort.

Other possible venues mentione. Vice-President asked when is the cut-off point which would require a final decision and Stephen suggested this will be September 1st. We are also looking at alternative dates e.g. the first weekend in March if that was acceptable to the venues . In summary the committee decided that the Winter Gardens would need a subsidy which we cannot afford if we also include a big speaker. It was therefore proposed that the dinner committee investigate other venues and report back at the next meeting in about six weeks time.

Any other business.

Secretary suggested that we devote some time at a future meeting to evaluate and review the initial Captains (invitation) Day. Although the day was a great success there may be issues to consider if any improvements to be made e.g. clarification of expectations with regard to selection of guests (ideally a club captain who is not already a member of Somerset Golf Captains, a club captain from another county, but preferably not an existing member of Somerset Golf Captains)